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Fitch Court Roof System Evaluation RFP

Request for Proposal
Roof System Evaluation And Design In Windsor, CT
Proposal Deadline: March 15, 2023
Effective Date of Services: TBD for 2023
The Housing Authority of the Town of Windsor (WHA), Connecticut, is seeking proposals for a Contractor who has demonstrated abilities to perform the attached Scope of Work. The contractor must currently be in the business of providing Roof repair design and must have been doing so for a minimum of at least five (5) consecutive years. All applicable federal, state, and local laws, ordinances and regulations must be adhered to. Contractors submitting a proposal should review the procurement requirements listed. Specifically, the selected Contractor will be required to:
• Execute a contract with the Windsor Housing Authority, Windsor, CT
• Complete certain forms and certifications;
• Maintain General Liability Insurance ($1,000,000 minimum); Workers Compensation Insurance ($500,000) and business automobile liability ($1,000,000) and furnish proof of such insurance
No Contractor who is a recipient of The Housing Authority of the Town of Windsor funds, or who proposes to perform any work or furnish any goods under this agreement shall discriminate against any worker, employee, applicant, or any member of the public because of race, color, sex, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, marital status, national origin, veterans status, physical or mental disability or perceived disability, or other criteria protected by law. Discriminatory practices based on the foregoing are declared to be contrary to the policy of the Housing Authority. The Housing Authority of the Town of Windsor complies with all Equal Employment Opportunity requirements.
The Housing Authority does not discriminate in the admission of, or employment in, its programs, activities or services. Minority and women owned businesses, as well as Contractors are encouraged to submit proposals. Three (3) Proposal responses shall be submitted on the Proposal Submission Form. All costs are to be final. Proposal must include a minimum of three professional references. These references should be attached to the Proposal Submission Form and include current contact information including name, address, telephone number and email address. Please direct any questions regarding proposal submission to the Property Manager listed on Page 11. Completed proposals must be received no later than March 15, 2023 11:00 am and delivered to: The Housing Authority Town of Windsor Office, 156 Bloomfield Avenue, Windsor, CT 06095 clearly marked “Roofing” NOTE: Proposals received after this deadline may be refused and deemed ineligible for consideration at the Housing Authority’s sole discretion. The Housing Authority will review all proposals submitted and if deemed to be in the best interest of the Housing Authority, a Contractor will be chosen. The Housing Authority shall be free to accept any proposal it deems appropriate in its sole discretion. The Housing Authority will determine final scope and project components, based on funding availability. The Contractor selected will be required to submit a Certificate of Insurance naming the Housing Authority of the Town of Windsor as an additional insured, which will be reviewed by the Board of Directors’ and the DeMarco Management Agency. A contract will then be negotiated between them, with each agreeing to the terms of the contract and affixing authorized signatures.
The contractor will be required to complete all forms and certifications required by the City, State and Federal governments. Proposal requirements and examination of work to be performed the contractor is required to thoroughly examine the request for proposal requirements and the work contemplated, and it will be assumed that the contractor has investigated and is satisfied as to the requirements. It is mutually agreed that submission of a request for proposal shall be considered prima facie evidence that the contractor has made such examination. Before submitting the request for proposal (RFP), the contractor shall examine the scope of work and has the option to visit the site of the work to become familiar with the working conditions and the exact nature and extent of the work taking into account any special or unusual features peculiar to this project. By submitting a proposal, the contractor, if selected for award, shall be deemed to have accepted the terms of this RFP.
Section 1
General Information
GENERAL INFORMATION This RFP contains instructions governing the content of the proposals and the format in which they are to be submitted. It does not attempt to define all of the contract needs nor detail them. Rather, it is flexible and allows for the credentials of the contractor to be demonstrated in the areas of expertise necessary to the contract. There are mandatory requirements to be met, but should the contractor foresee the need for qualification of the effort or additional requirements, concise and relevant discussion is encouraged. Questions from contractors shall be accepted by the Property Manager via email. Emails shall be submitted to
Section 2
Please note: Subcontracting is not allowed without the express written approval of the Windsor Housing Authority. The following outlines the scope of services and responsibilities required of the Contractor, but may not be inclusive of the entire scope of services. The specifications outline the quantity and category of work required. Other parts of the contract (not included here) provide requirements such as insurance and licensing standards, hours of work, work authorization, etc.
Property Addresses to be serviced: 156 Bloomfield Avenue Windsor, CT 06095
All vendors/bidders must provide documentation of the following:
• Active/current State of CT business license
• Valid insurance binder
• Three letters of reference, preferably from commercial accounts with more than 50 units.
This document is intended as a benchmark of the minimum standards required by the WHA for services, maintenance, repair and improvements. The WHA respects the Contractor as a professional and as such, will take under consideration any and all recommendations made by the Contractor.
All bids must include the following, and quote valid for 4-month basis. The contracts must include the following in its scope of work.
1. Perform all field investigation for the purposes pf surveying the existing roof and drainage systems and the condition and integrity of the current roofing system impacted by roof replacement.
2. Survey existing roof decks, parapet, cupola and other construction for any points of water infiltration and required repairs.
3. Conduct core cuts on the roof areas to be replaced, providing the locations will not cause additional water entry/damages. We will document the composition of the core cut and provide a photographic and written description of the roof systems construction for inclusion in the specification. This information will provide potential bidders with accurate information for cost estimating purposes.
4. Review roofing system options/systems with your office and assist in the evaluation and selection of the rood systems best suited for the project.
5. Prepare roof plans and all required details. Meet all local, state and federal codes and the Owner’s requirements.
6. Prepare preliminary design and cost estimates. The estimates and budgets developed will include all costs for construction, administration and inspection, permitting, printing, advertising and architectural design.
7. Roof plans to include replacement of existing roof drains, gutter system and the installation of overflow scuppers per State requirements.
8. Plans shall include removal of the abandoned chimney to below roof deck. Roof opening will be covered/capped flush with existing roof decking after removal of chimney.
9. Prepare detailed written specifications. Meet all local, state and federal codes and the Owner’s requirements.
10. Provide there (3) copies of the plans and specifications to the Owner for bidding and construction.
11. Submit finalized plans and specifications to your office for review and approval.
12. Assist Owner in preparation of bid documents and be available to assist Owner with all aspects of the bid and installation process.
13. Conduct pre-bid meeting with potential contractors. Provide responses to general contractor questions and prepare addendum as needed.
14. Review all bids for conformance to the contract documents and evaluate the three lowest bidder competitiveness and ability to perform the work. Review qualifications of the three lowest bidders and provide recommendations as to the ability to perform and conform to standards as established in bid documents.
15. Assist owner in preparation of Owner/Contractor Contract.
16. Review all shop drawing submittals and provide responses to contractor request for information in a timely manner.
17. Conduct cost review for all change order requests.
18. Conduct one site visits/job meetings per week and prepare meeting agendas and minutes.
19. Assist Owner in the coordination of inspections, special inspections and review of material testing.
20. Review monthly estimates for payments.
21. Perform final inspection and report on acceptability of the completed work. Confirm all permits are approved, closed and work conforms to all local and State requirements.
22. Confirm all warranty information in place and conveyed to Owner.
General Standards
Guarantee and replacement
Contractor will replace at no additional cost to WHA any turf, plant materials, or any other WHA/WHA’s tenant property damaged as a result of improper maintenance attention or procedures. Replacement material shall be of the same size and variety as the dead or damaged material. Property damage repair/replacement must be completed within two weeks of identification of the damage. Alternatives to size and variety and scheduling of replacement must have written permission from WHA.
Contractor is not responsible for losses, repair or replacement of damaged work or plant material resulting from theft, extreme weather conditions, vandalism, vehicular incidents (other than contractor’s vehicles) or the acts of others over whom they have no reasonable control.
Contractor shall inform the WHA on a monthly basis of plant losses unrelated to the maintenance activities, provide the WHA with a probable cause of the plant loss and provide recommendations for replacement along with pricing for replacement.
Contractor’s Responsibility
Contractor will provide staff able to perform work at the highest standard of lawn care service. Key staff shall have current knowledge of best management practices regarding safety, hazardous material spill response, lawn care, plant and lawn health, pruning and pest management. WHA reserves the right to demand replacement of contractor’s staff who do not meet WHA’s standards of safety, professionalism and general landscaping and plant knowledge.
Contractors will:
• Furnish all labor, equipment and materials necessary to complete the project as specified herein.
• Provide an emergency contact list identifying names and positions held, including phone numbers for site managers or maintenance managers.
• Attend meetings as requested for inspections
• Provide logs of activities performed and provide a written copy monthly which includes day, date and time of service as well as who performed the service.
• Establish a chart/schedule for proposed services
• WHA prefers that power equipment are low decibel, low emission models where feasible.
• Contractor is responsible for any damage incurred as a result of improper use of equipment, etc.
• Contractors must not leave or store any combustible items on or in our properties (including gas cans).
• No sub-contractors will be used on any property at any time without the express written consent of WHA. Failure to comply with this, may invalidate your contract with WHA
• All work is to be performed Monday through Friday from 8am to 6pm. Saturday between 8 am and 5 pm. There is no work to be done on Sunday without the express written consent of WHA. At least 5 business days before the contract begins, the contractor will submit in writing to the Executive Director or designee, the name of the on-site supervisor authorized to act for the contractor in every detail of the services.
• The lawn and landscaped area must be maintained and services at the frequency and to the standards as detailed in these specifications. Failure to perform a task or to not perform a task to the specified standards will result in reductions in the Contractor’s invoice.
• No hidden or undisclosed fees, like equipment percentage charges. All fees must be disclosed, including hourly rates, travel time, additional products, etc.
• Contractors’ discharged from service from the Housing Authority are ineligible for a period of 7 years.
Contractor’s Employees
• Personnel employed by the contractor shall be capable employees qualified in this type of work. A fully qualified work force s hall be maintained throughout the period of this contract. All personnel shall receive close and continued first-line supervision.
• The Contractor shall employ the quantity and quality of supervision necessary for both effective and efficient management Roof system evaluation.
• Contractor will be liable for any damages caused directly or indirectly by its employees.
Reductions in Pay
• Reductions for below standard work will be made if, after the second documented notification, the Contractor has not corrected the deficiency and outside contractors are required to perform the task, or the task was not completed by the contractor.
• Reductions for non-performance will be made if the tsk was not done and alternative contractors or WHA staff have to be assigned immediately to perform the task.
• Reductions will be based on the actual charge and/or the hourly billing rate of the WHA employees, plus benefits assigned to perform the task(s) times the hours required. If the work was not performed by the contractor and was just omitted, a deduction based on percentage of overall monthly billing minus the work not completed will be calculated and the bill adjusted accordingly.

Method of Payments to Contractor
WHA will pay the contract sum to contractor as follows:
All contractor invoices must be received on or before the 15th of each month in order to be eligible for payment by the end of that calendar month. All billings must be submitted on contractor letterhead/billing statement and will be made in accordance with the executed contract amount in terms that were mutually agreed upon by both parties.
Payment under this contract is not evidence of performance of this contract either wholly or in part and no payment, including final payment is to be construed as an acceptance or waiver of defective or improper workmanship.
Changes to the Scope of Work and Termination of Contract
The Management Company at any time may have to change the scope of the contract by written contract modification. On the designated effective date, the contractor shall make the required changes to his/her operation.
Upon receiving notice of this change, the contractor’s invoice shall be adjusted if necessary to reflect the value of the change in the services under this contract.
The WHA may cancel this contract at any time for any reason giving 30 day notice to the contractor.
The WHA shall have the right to cancel this Agreement immediately without prior notice for any breach of any provision of the contract if not cured within 7 days from written notice from the WHA.
Inspections and Approval of Work
The WHA will demand strict conformance to the standards and frequency specified.
The WHA staff or his/her designee will inspect all completed work and will ascertain that the tasks have been satisfactorily accomplished.
The WHA staff shall enforce the standards of this contract.
To the fullest extent permitted by law, the contractor shall defend, protect, hold harmless and indemnify The Housing Authority of the Town of Windsor and affiliated companies and their respective officers, directors, managers, employees and agents from and against all liability, loss, claims, demands, suits, costs, fees and expenses (including actual fees and expenses of attorneys, expert witnesses and other consultants) by whomsoever brought or alleged and regardless of the legal theories upon which premised, including but not limited to those actually or allegedly.

Contact Information
Darlene West, Property Manager
C/o The Housing Authority Town of Windsor
156 Bloomfield Avenue
Windsor, CT 06095
860-285-8090 ext. 5

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